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Beyond a Shadow of a Diet

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Beyond a Shadow of a Diet Book CoverBeyond a Shadow of a Diet: The Therapist's Guide to Treating Compulsive Eating

Book Information

by Judith Matz and Ellen Frankel

Although this book was written with therapists in mind, it is reader-friendly for anyone dealing with food and weight issues. Beyond a Shadow of a Diet builds on the concepts of Overcoming Overeating and includes sections on the culture, redefining health and—our biggest hope—changing the world… a little bit at a time.


Millions of Americans are dieting: 95-98% of those who lose weight will regain it, plus some, within five years. Caught in the diet/binge cycle, many will turn to therapists for help, though very few therapists have formal training in treating the chronic dieter and compulsive eater. Furthermore, therapists are equally susceptible to societal pressures and attitudes about food and weight, and carry their experiences and biases to the therapeutic session.

This accessible volume will guide therapists of all disciplines through step-by-step treatment of compulsive eating. The authors introduce new research related to health, weight, fitness and diet failure, and then discuss a treatment method which advocates eating as guided by physiological signals to determine when, what and how much to eat.

The book offers tools for therapists to recognize compulsive eating patterns, use their training to address underlying psychological difficulties, and implement therapeutic principles for healing.

Beyond a Shadow of a Diet provides concrete steps for establishing a normal relationship with food and methods for understanding and treating the psychological aspects of compulsive eating.


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Beyond a Shadow of a Diet Book Cover

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