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Overcoming Overeating Video Series

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Overcoming Overeating Video Series (6 Hours on 3 VHS Tapes)

Six 1-hour group sessions show the Overcoming Overeating approach in action. These sessions are led by Carol Munter and Jane Hirschmann. You will join a group of seven women who over a period of six weeks deal with:

  1. Dumping Diets
  2. Learning There Are No Forbidden Foods
  3. Eating Your Way Out of an Eating Problem
  4. Understanding Emotional Eating
  5. Conquering Bad Body Thoughts
  6. Making Peace With Food and Weight.

Date Taped: 1/1/1999
Price: $119.95

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Tree Farm Communications, Inc.


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sparticles (02.03.2012 (14:42:07))
VHS tapes Yes No Is there any way you can get these series transferred to DVD and then *greatly* reduce the prices?

I'm one of the few people I know that still owns a VHS player, and would love to get these videos, but the prices has been way too prohibitive. If these were on DVD the production and shipping costs would be a heck of a lot less, and if they were available as digital downloads so people could put them on things like cell phones, tablets and laptop computers it would be even cheaper.
As they are now, do you sell *any*? If converted to a more modern format, you would most likely have a lot more sales and you could probably recoup the transfer cost in a short time.
Community Builder Avatar
Jacki (03.07.2012 (16:56:47))
DVD\'s Yes No Hey, Sparticles! I've been meaning to let you know that we are in the process of offering digital downloads of our products! Stay tuned lol
Community Builder Avatar
sparticles (07.03.2012 (12:04:45))
Yes No Fantastic!
Community Builder Avatar
sparticles (02.25.2013 (06:13:52))
Yes No It's been almost a year now since this thread was started. Any progress being made on the conversions?

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