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Kimee's Story: Becoming My Own Person

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I started dieting when I was about 15 years old because I was told that "I could stand to lose about 5 pounds." Little did I know how much that statement would affect my entire life! In the beginning, I felt good when I was dieting, because I thought that I was doing something that was "right." It didn't take long for me to realize, though, that I was becoming obsessed with food. My life started to completely revolve around dieting/weight loss and food until one day I was out of control. I couldn't function unless I was obsessing—and, ironically, I couldn't function BECAUSE I was obsessing!

I found out about Overcoming Overeating, ironically enough, through a very good friend in Overeaters Anonymous. I was hesitant at first (for about 10 minutes!), but soon realized that I had reached the end of my rope when it came to restricting foods—I just couldn't do it any longer. I felt powerless. I have to admit that when I first started this approach, I thought that I would never stop binging. I figured that I would literally eat myself to death! Much to my surprise, and after I started applying the OO concepts such as legalizing and demand feeding (along with others), the binging stopped, and the food actually started to lose its power! I couldn't believe it! I had been completely obsessed with food for over 5 years and now it was starting to lose its meaning! I was seriously starting to feel comfortable around food, and I was able to do things without ALWAYS thinking about weight loss and food. That was a big accomplishment for me—seeing that my life had totally revolved around those things. It was as if I had been freed from a cage.

As I look back, I now realize how much time I was wasting on putting down my body or thinking about food all day long. I wasn't even living. I am now able to be my own person without caring about what others think in terms of my appearance, and I can be my own person now no matter what size I am. I can live for today without having to make excuses for my size. I am not saying that there are not days that I struggle, but my mind is much more peaceful now, and I am on my way to curing my compulsive eating—to me, that's a gift. OO has truly given me my life back.

– Kimee

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